This DIY Fruit Bowl Made Of Melted Plastic Army Men Is So Simple But Looks Epic

Instructables user N36 has created this awesome fruit bowl made up of melted plastic army men! The end outcome is extremely cool looking and the fact it is so simple, quick and cheap to build, makes this an appealing project to any DIY fans. You will need several bags of plastic army men, a DIY heat gun and a metal mixing bowl. Optional extras are some PVA glue and water. User N36 says about his project… 

‘I try to create artwork that subverts popular cultural meaning and challenges the viewer to re-assess their own understanding of the signs and symbols from high to low art forms… In this instance i took a contrasting, highly loaded political symbol (soldiers for children made from oil) in low art form as cheap toys and subverted their meaning into a high art decorative form as an everyday functional object – a delicate organic fruit bowl.’
Website: Instructables

Here are the supplies you will need. 



Be careful as melted plastic is toxic, so do this outside on a breezy day!



Start by laying out your first men, then heating for 10-15 seconds.

Lay Out


Then add some more…

Add More


…and continue to melt and build them up as you go, tilt the bowl if necessary. 

Continue Building


Do a check to see if there are any gaps from over melting, and if there are you can add another man in that section and re-melt.



As the men cool down they will naturally contract away from the bowl for easy removal.

Remove From Bowl


If you would like to add a varnish, mix 2:1 PVA glue with water and add two coats.

Pva Glue Varnish


Find some fruit for your new bowl, it is best to use fruit with skins as PVA can be mildly toxic if ingested.

Add Fruit


Some men will look more disfigured than others, but don’t worry that’s what will make each bowl unique!

Close Up


Be proud of your new bowl!

Fruit With Skins
Finished Bowl