These 8 Pictures Of Lavender Being Harvested Are So Vibrant And Beautiful


Nature provides us with some of the most beautiful scenes in the world. These lavender fields in full bloom are so vibrant in color and beauty, you can almost smell their essence through the screen. There is no one set season to harvest lavender because parts of the season are best for different uses. Farmers can increase the value of their lavender by 100% by making products like soap, fragrant sachets or essential oils. The sunset photos really bring out the vibrancy of the crop. Take a look!


ABC News


Lavender Sunset
Milen Dobrev


Lavender Close Up
Darren Pullman 


Lavender Crops



Lavender Crop


Lavender Harvest
Adam Gasson


Lavender Scenery
Ana Tramont


Lavender Crop Harvest