19 Every Day Fails That Are Incredibly Annoying

There are many things in life which can be annoying and it’s often those little every day problems which really get on your nerves. In a fast paced world when the small things go wrong, there is big hassle to deal with! Think about it, you’ve just gone to open a tin of food and the ring pull breaks off, and you don’t even have a can opener in the drawer. Or how about when you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth in the morning and a phantom mangler has destroyed the tube? These are just some of the examples below of some of the most annoying every day fails ever!


What monster would do this?!


A little patience wouldn’t go amiss…or perhaps they need the heated butter knife!


Don’t you just hate it when this happens?


Why can’t they just fit together properly like they are supposed to?!




Random sprinkle invasion alert.


Zippers always fail when they are most needed. Fact.


The annoying and unexplainable toe hole in your sock when you don’t even have long toe nails.


The toaster was having a bad day.


When all the switches are turned to ‘off’ yet there is one light still on. Why?!


When the only clean plate in the house won’t fit in the microwave.


When elevator buttons are crazy.





When your soup spoon falls into the bowl. FAIL.


Why won’t some pencils just sharpen?!


When your sheets keep untucking.


Nooooo….every piece of chocolate is precious and then this happens.




When your sleeve is slightly wet.

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