13 Of The Best And Worst Tattoo Cover Ups Ever

One of the scariest things about getting a tattoo isn’t the pain but the permanence. You might think the design you’re getting is a good idea today, but what about five or ten years down the line?! And then there are bad tattoo artists to contend with, so if you try to save money or just go with the first tattoo studio you find, you might end up with some sub-par ink. The good news is, if you really dislike your tattoo, you can get it covered up, but even then some artists are better at cover ups than others, and you don’t want your cover up tattoo to need covering up! If there’s anything we’ve learnt from looking at these thirteen of the best and worst tattoo cover ups, is that you should never get your partner’s name (or worse yet… face) tattooed on you! We’ll give you that advice for free!

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