10 Facts About Eyes Which Might Surprise You


It's often said that eyes are the windows to a person's soul. There's certainly nothing more captivating than staring into the eyes of someone you care for. Everyone's eyes are unique. They come in a variety of different colors and detail, and have the capability of expressing a myriad of emotions. Yet, how much do your really know about the human eye? Here are 10 facts that may surprise you! Take a look, and learn!


People with blue eyes all share a common ancestor.


Did you know your corneas are the only tissues in the body that doesn't contain blood?


Depending on whether you are feeling sad, happy or simply have something stuck in your peeper, tears actually have different compositions!


So far, medical professionals have been unable to perform a successful eye transplant. This is because the optic nerve connecting the eyeball and the brain is simply too complex to be able to reattach!



Eyes heal very quickly. A corneal scratch can heal in under 48 hours!


About 0.6% of the population have one eye that's a different color from the other.


Babies appear to have such large eyes, because our eyeballs don't get any bigger, while the rest of us continues to grow!

If a blind person was born with sight, then they will see images in their dreams. But if they were born blind, their dreams will relate to emotions and the other senses.


The part of the eye you can actually see only makes up 1/6 of the entire eyeball!


Your eyes have a blind spot in the space where the retina has no photoreceptors.

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