These Amazing Photo Manipulations Will Mess With Your Mind


Mumbai-based digital artist Anil Saxena creates the most seamless photo manipulations that you've ever seen. He started out doing things the old school way, retouching and manipulating images in the darkroom, but has now moved into Photoshop, which gives him more scope to create fun and unusual work. Anil's pieces are especially interesting as they often take something everyday and twist it on its head, so at very first glance it might appear normal, and then you notice that something strange is going on. His work is flawless, too, so if logic didn't dictate that these photos couldn't be real, you'd never guess that they had been altered. Let's take a look at Anil's incredible work!

Website: Anil Saxena on Behance
















These photo manipulations are so cool! Anil is a truly talented guy! We especially love the giraffe manipulation. Feel free to leave us a comment telling us which are your favorite photos.

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