People In The UK Can Now Get Their Hands On The Mint Maltesers Teasers Bars

If you think that the season of mint chocolate goodies is over, think again! Because the Mint Maltesers Teasers Bars have arrived in the UK from Down Under! It definitely had us wondering if mint would go well together with malt just as it does with chocolate. Thankfully, we won’t have to rely on our imagination anymore. Our taste buds are surely in for a treat with this tasty snack bar from Maltesers!

To make this tasty bar, Maltesers crushed their signature candy and sprinkled it together with a specially flavored chocolate mix. In the description, this tasty import reportedly contains “crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in mint flavored milk chocolate”.


The Mint Maltesers Teasers Bar contains tantalizing bits of malt candy embedded in mint-flavored milk chocolate

According to reviewers, the odd combination had them scratching their heads at first. That is, until they tore the wrapper and saw the bubble treat within! When broken, the Maltesers layer is exposed and Mars sure didn’t skimp on this product!

Since this is a snack bar, don’t expect too much cocoa content. In fact, the bar only contains 25% cocoa. This treat is especially sweet, given its dual candy composition. Per reviewers, the chocolate melts quickly, so you might want to break the pieces off neatly so it doesn’t all melt in-between your fingers!

Mars was also careful in adding just the right amount of mint flavoring to the chocolate, as it doesn’t remind you of toothpaste or make you wonder where it is. You’ll definitely catch the minty flavor with every bite!


If you’re intrigued about this Maltesers treat, you can check it out at! The site sells treats from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa that would otherwise be unattainable for those in the UK. It is important to note that since this product is specially imported from Australia, the 145g bar is more expensive than your average chocolate bar. You’re looking at £5.99 for the bar plus £1.40 for delivery. A worthy splurge, if you ask me!