17 Organization Hacks For Your Home


Among the most frustrating things about being an adult is having to be the person in charge of keeping your home neat and organized. If only there was a simpler way. Well, we're here to tell you that there is! Utilizing these clever life hacks will help you to organize your home and keep things tidy. Imagine your home with no more wires everywhere and small items stored away rather than cluttering up all your tables, counters and any other flat spaces that will hold them. This pipe dream could become a reality. Just read on and pick up a few tips and tricks for super home organization.


An old wine box makes excellent shoe storage.


Velcro your remotes to the coffee table and never lose them again.


Tackle boxes can be used as storage caddies for small items.


Repurpose a silverware tray as a toothbrush organizer. 


Use shower curtain hooks in your closet to organize bags, belts and other accessories.


Shelf risers can help you organize your DVD collection.


Put a power bar in your nightstand to minimize clutter.


Fold plastic bags into triangles to save space.


A peg board and zip ties can keep unsightly wires and power bars out of the way.


Use a tucked away mail holder so you don't have piles of letters all over the place.


A magnetic strip in the bathroom can organize all those little metal items.



Store keurig cups in an egg carton.


Ice cube trays make wonderful jewelry holders.


Use command hooks to organize small cables.


Stackable plastic boxes can keep card games neat and tidy.


This cute bungee cord zoo keeps stuffed toys from spreading out all around the house.


Fold bed sheets and put them inside their matching pillow cases to keep them together.

We hope you've picked up some useful tips to help simplify your home organization.

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