This Beetlejuice Wreath Is Perfect For Greeting Guests When They Knock On The Door At Halloween

Show your festive side this Halloween by adorning your front door with this Beetlejuice wreath. Considered as a seasonal decorative element, this evergreen ring made from leaves, flowers, and branches holds a meaning of faith for Christians. It symbolizes the crown of thorns worn by Christ on the cross. Hence, hanging this piece of décor on a door is almost as essential as setting up a Christmas tree for the yuletide season.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that wreaths are exclusively for Christmas. In the recent years, people are also putting up Halloween trees – the spooky version of the festive Christmas trees – for the spooky season. So, a Halloween wreath becoming a thing actually doesn’t surprise us anymore. In all honesty, we’ve seen this one coming. True enough, we’ve found this Beetlejuice wreath which looks perfect for the season of screams and scares.


Beetlejuice Wreath

beetlejuice wreath

Inspired by the 1988 American horror comedy film Beetlejuice, this terrifyingly festive wreath features the face of the mischievous ghost. This sinister face of the infamous trickster is surrounded by deco mesh and ribbons that closely resemble his messy, green hair. Please note that the face is just a picture on a foam board.


It may look like a 3D mask on the photos but it’s actually just a flat picture. Therefore, this décor is not weatherproof and is intended to be used indoors. You can hang it outside your front door if you have a covered porch though.

beetlejuice wreath with eyeballs


halloween front door decor

We’ve also found other versions of the Beetlejuice wreath including this one with eyeball decors sticking out from the green curly ribbons. And we also have this similar item with a wreath ring made entirely of soft mesh. With this hanging on your front door, expect your visitors to be yelling the name ‘Beetlejuice’ three times instead of knocking on your door.

beetlejuice wreath soft mesh

Source: Etsy