40 Pictures Anyone Who Lives With Their Parents Will Totally Get

Living with your parents has some good sides, it saves you money, you don’t have to worry about bills, you sometimes get your laundry done and your dinner cooked for you (if you’re lucky), and if you enjoy the company of your parents, there’s that, too. But, there are also a bunch of downsides, as well… you lack personal space, it’s likely that your mom and dad have no boundaries and you constantly get questioned about where you’re going, even if you’re a grown adult. So, if you’re still living with your parents (or you aren’t old enough to move out yet), you’ll totally get these fourteen pictures! Take a look!


Sometimes, when you live at home with your parents, you feel like you may as well wear a t-shirt that states it so that you don’t have to go through the awkwardness of explaining it to various people. When you are of a certain age, people tend to be slightly, or a lot, more judgmental of those who have yet to flee the nest, even if they don’t know the circumstances surrounding it! So, why not save yourself the hassle and angst of having that conversation and wear a t-shirt like the one in the image below? 

i still live with my parents shirt

One of the many things your parents never seem to understand is… yes, you get it that they own the house so technically they can do whatever they want it it. However, every person in the world needs privacy and personal space! Sometimes, you just want to be left alone in the designated space your parents have so kindly allowed you to occupy… 

if-you-could-leave-me-alone that would be great

Ah. Who doesn’t love the blame game? The second anything goes wrong, anything breaks or is damaged, guess who’s going to get the blame. That’s right, you! Even if you literally have no idea what your parents are talking about, even if you were no where to be seen when the incident occurred, you are still almost guaranteed to be blamed anyway.

kettle not working so its your fault

We’ve all been there. Your room is called your room for a reason, yet your parents don’t seem to understand this. They seem to feel like they can enter, disturb and annoy at will, even if you have politely asked them not to. Sometimes in life you just have to have a ‘Breaking Bad’ moment and explain that your territory is YOUR territory. However, they probably would just continue to ignore your wishes!

stay out of my territory

If you are a mature adult still living with your parents, having guests over can be extremely tricky. Firstly there’s the whole embarrassment that surrounds the situation. Secondly, there’s having to be mindful and respectful of your parents, which often means you can’t really do the things you really want to do. And, lastly? Well, there’s the plain and simple fact that your parents might just say ‘no’. Oh, the joys! 

living with parents roommates

Many people believe ‘out of sight, out of mind’. But, this often isn’t the case when it comes to parents worrying about their children’s driving habits. It’s a dangerous world out there on the roads and all jokes aside you do need to be careful at all times because you never know what could happen. However, some parents seem to take this worry a tad too far… 


One of the best things about living with your parents is that when they go on holiday, you have the house all to yourself. It’s a win for everyone involved. Your parents deserve a break and you get to enjoy the sweet taste of independence. Sometimes, you might even have hilariously brilliant holiday photos to look forward to receiving, such as the wonderful one below! 

funny-moms-jamaica beach weed

If you’re lucky enough to have parents that support you no matter what career path you want to take, this one isn’t aimed at you. This one is aimed at the poor souls who have a passion for something only to be told by their parents that they are to do something else. All you really want to turn around as say is ‘mom, dad, thanks for crushing my dreams’, but, of course, you would be met with ‘you’ll do as we say whilst you live under our roof’!

i want to be an actor you mean doctor meme

Sometimes it feels like parents just complain for the sake of complaining. You know what we’re talking about. They nag and nag you to tidy your room, or the house, or the entire plot of land owned, and being the good son or daughter that you are, you get to it, eventually. Only for your parents to come back at you and complain about how none of it is good enough and point out all of the things you ‘missed’. Even though you know your efforts were more than good enough but god forbid you get any sort of praise! 

parents be like you call this clean

It’s a hilarious and confusing moment when a parent discovers how to use something (usually technology based) for the very first time. Of course, in typical parent fashion, they are about 3-5 years behind everyone else on the planet yet they are bewildered by their ‘new discovery’. Mean jokes aside, these moments often put a smile on your face. 

mom figures out microphone texting

There seems to be a turning point in a parent’s life when they decide that they are ready for grandchildren. They say ‘ready’ as if they will be the ones raising the supposed child! And, to make matters worse, once this turning point occurs, there’s no going back and it’s suddenly the constant topic of conversation! You would think that if you’re still living at home your parents wouldn’t want you to have a child yet, but this isn’t always the case! 

funny-mom card ready for grandchild

So far, we’ve focused mainly on negatives and annoyances of living with parents but here we actually have a positive one. When you share a household with mom and/or dad, it’s pretty common that they will pay for all of the bills, including the sacred internet. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this, but if you’re lucky enough to have your parents paying your internet bill, show them some love and gratitude every so often! 

i want to thank my parents for providing me with internet

We all know that dads love a good joke. It’s basically engraved in their nature. Usually this consists of you putting up with verbal ‘jokes’ every now and again, maybe even the odd prank here and there. You’re fine with this. But, what you didn’t sign up for was your dad getting creative and using your personal possessions as part of their humor! 


It’s no secret that many parents have an aversion to today’s technology filled world. Many of them yearn for simpler times when they didn’t need someone else’s assistance on how to work their mobile phone. If you’ve got a parent like this, maybe you could put a smile on there face by purchasing them an awesome Nokia themed phone case like the one in the image below! 


We’ve all had those moments at school where we’ve forgotten our sports kit or a change of clothes for something and have had to ask our parents to bring them in for us. This is usually a pretty straight forward affair, unless of course, you have a ‘witty’ parent who sees the opportunity to embarrass you! Poor old Ryan involved in the photo below probably got quite a few interesting looks and laughs aimed in his direction! Hopefully he saw the funny side like we did! 


Some of us are blessed to have creative parents. This comes in extremely handy over the years for all sorts of things such as school projects, homemade gifts and much more! However, one of the downsides of an extremely creative parent is no matter what you say you need or ask for, the parent will try to make a DIY version. In the image below you’ll see a mom’s response to their child saying they needed a bookmark. We can’t decide if we would love or hate something like this…

mom makes bookmark of hersekf

One of the great things about technology, although your parents probably wouldn’t admit it, is that when they find something out and want to confront you but you aren’t at home, they can pick up their handy smartphone and get to interrogating you. If you’re lucky, your parent might just soften the blow of whatever the topic of conversation is by adding humor like in the text below!


Coming to terms with the fact that your child will eventually become an age where they can legally get involved with things like alcohol can be very difficult for some parents to handle. Most end up accepting it and encouraging responsible behavior. However, some parents would prefer to stay blissfully unaware and bury their head in the sand. If you’re one of the parents in the latter category, you might hand your child a ‘cup’ like in the image below and tell them to drink as much alcohol as they like! 


One of the best things about living with your parents is that they often still treat you like a child. Now, obviously this is infuriating at times, but on certain occasions, it’s the best thing ever! For example, birthdays are often awesome if you still live with your parents because they tend to pull out all the stops as if you were still a small child. So, if you want a birthday cake with Jesus riding a stegosaurus, you can probably feel quite confident that that’s what you’ll get! 


It can be hard for parents to grasp just how obsessed and emotionally invested their kids can get when it comes to TV shows and movies. They just can’t understand how something that isn’t real can be so mood altering. Thankfully, though, there are some parents who humor their kids and show that they care. This note definitely would have cheered us up after a big fictional death! 


All foodies will appreciate this one. We’re going to set the scene for you. You’re out and about and you spot a treat that you want to take home. So, you purchase it and head on your way. You get home and decide you want to save said treat for later, so you alert anyone who’s around that what you have bought is just that, YOURS. Off you go, getting on with your day, when suddenly you decide you are ready for your treat, and you start to get exited. But, that excitement quickly turns to horror and that horror turns to rage, as YOUR treat has been stolen. Oh, the pain.

your donuts were here note

Have you ever noticed how instead of directly asking you to do something, your parents will often remove the choice factor by writing you a note instead? This way, if you don’t do as you were ‘told’, you get into trouble! Even if you genuinely didn’t see the note in question, you’re still going to get a scolding. So, the moral of the story is… always be on the look out for notes! 

rebel-bosch-machine clean me note

It’s not uncommon for parents to want to shatter their children’s hopes and dreams for their own amusement. However, this is particularly painful when it comes to special occasions such as your birthday or Christmas. You’ll ask for something and your parents will say ‘maybe’, but they will convince you in subtle ways that you will get what you want. The day arrives, you get hugely exited at the packaging that looks just like what you wanted, only to open your ‘gift’ and realize that you are being pranked! 


There are many of us who wouldn’t dare have our family members as contacts on apps such as Snapchat. This isn’t necessarily because we are hiding anything, we just want our private lives to stay private! However, some people don’t mind being put in this situation. You should be warned though, you open yourselves up to being mocked like in the image below! To be fair, we think that dad is hilarious! 

girl-dad-head-flowers snapchat

For some of us, having a parent stalk our social media is enough to make us cry. But, sometimes you just can’t avoid it. If you’re super unlucky, you might even have a parent who imitates you, leading to them having a higher number of followers than yourself! As an outsider, we find this hilarious and brilliant, but, we would feel pretty mortified if we were the daughter! 

dad-impersonates-daughter instagram

As a parent, when your little bundle of joy is suddenly big enough to take charge of a vehicle, you feel a mixed array of emotions. These tend to include fear, shock and horror, along with some joy. If you’re a really brave parent, you might even agree to become your child’s driving instructor! The dad in the image below sums up perfectly how this offer feels… 

dad scared daughter driving

When you’re stuck living at home, sometimes you just sit there and pray that a huge some of money would find its way into your life. Deep down, you know this is extremely unlikely to happen, but we can all hope! So, imagine how you would feel receiving a text like the one below! The parent responsible for it will definitely be getting the cold shoulder for a while! 


Another wonderful thing about living with your parents is that you often don’t have to cook for yourself. You blissfully await the ‘dinner’s ready’ call like a raccoon sitting in a bin. It’s one of the things that you should definitely make the most of before you have to face the big wide world of independence! Your mom or dad’s cooking is something you are sure to miss. 


It’s natural for your parents to be overly curious about what you’re up to. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, this reduces the older you get. But, for some people, their parents will always interrogate them, which is magnified if they still live at home. You try to be appreciative that they have a certain right to know, but sometimes all you want to do is stand up for yourself like in the image below! 


Have you ever been that person who was freaking out because they didn’t realize what the time was and you knew you were going to be in trouble with your parents? But, the people around you just don’t seem to understand. They’re like ‘it will be fine, you’re only 10 minutes late’. And, all you want to do is cry because they don’t realize how much of a difference that 10 minutes makes! 


Most of us are willing to admit that when living with parents we aren’t always as helpful as we could be. It’s so easy to kick back and relax when someone’s taking care of all the adult stuff. You don’t intentionally mean to be an annoying waste of space, but sometimes it just happens. However, we’ve all heard the ‘you treat this place like a hotel’ line, which is so far from the truth and it’s extremely annoying! Are we right?


It’s not uncommon for your parents to take a negative tone when they are talking (or complaining) about you to their friends and other family members. More often than not you just grin and bear it as really there’s no point in poking a stick at the beast. And, there’s also the small fact that often the things they are moaning about are somewhat true… 


We will never understand what parents find so hard to understand about knocking. It’s a perfectly simple, and more importantly polite, action that we are raised to do, so, why don’t they do it themselves?! They wouldn’t barge into their friend’s bedrooms unannounced, so, why do their kids deserve any less respect?! If you have a mom and/or dad that knocks, you’re luckier than you’ll ever know! 


Ah, the great ‘go out, stay in’ debate. Have you ever noticed that your parents seem to hate being around you for too long, but the second that you actually go out, they lose their minds. It’s a confusing contradiction. You literally don’t know what you’re supposed to do as you’re going to be moaned at either way. Even balance doesn’t seem to work! You may as well just do as you please! 


It seems that most moms have a burning desire to open post that is not addressed to them. Well, mainly their offspring’s mail. You’ll come home one day and be handed a letter that has clearly been tampered with! Some moms don’t even try to hide it! The worst part is that there’s almost no point complaining about it, because they are likely to completely ignore you and do as they please. After all, mom is always right, and she’s only doing it in case there’s something important. Right?


Many of us will admit to feeling guilty for not making enough effort with our relatives. However, this is generally because you know a phone call will last a minimum of 2 hours and whichever relative it is that you’re talking to will question you on everything your mom has been telling them about you. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re the girl in the photo below and your parents give you no choice but to take the plunge. Which is probably a blessing in disguise really…


Isn’t it so damn annoying when your mom tells you that your food is ready but she’s literally lying?! What is the need?! Whilst we do appreciate some parents have the mentality that kids take a while to do something so giving them a heads up is a wise idea, they should know this delay doesn’t apply to food. Nothing is more important than food… 


Sometimes you just have to do the great escape. You’ve made plans and you don’t want to have to explain yourself to your parents so you have to find a way to sprint off before you can be interrogated. This has to be played just right, one wrong move and you’re well and truly stuck. Channel your inner Usain Bolt and all should go smoothly… 


Now, this issue could possibly be even more annoying that parents who don’t knock. You’re comfortable in your room, most often in bed, your parent comes in for whatever reason, says their piece. You listen, respond and politely request that they shut the door when they leave. They seem to acknowledge this, yet as they walk out the room, guess what they neglect to do? Close the damn door! Why, oh why does this happen so often? 


When you grow up with strict parents, there are certain things you just know there’s no point ever discussing with them. One of the common things is girlfriend/boyfriend sleepovers. Yet, for some reason, all the people around you seem to be doing them? You start to question how they manage to get such a thing to occur. Oh well, even if you did know, it’s not like it would make a difference to your situation… 


Admittedly, it often takes several occasions of nagging before you take the plunge and tidy your room like your parents have been requesting. But, when you do take on the task, you do it like a boss. Once all is done, you sit back and take in your awesome achievement and can’t wait to show it off to your parents. Nothing can ruin your triumphant feeling. Except, maybe your parents being less than impressed with your efforts. Then you just want to cry. 


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