Meet Belarus The Cross-Eyed Kitten That’s Got Everyone’s Heart Melting

Regardless of breed and appearance, cats are bound to take our hearts away. After all, we are just frail human beings who can’t resist these felines’ powerful charms. That said, allow us to introduce another cat who has yet again taken the online world by storm. Meet Belarus, a cross-eyed kitten hailing from San Francisco.

This adorable furball was born with a unique pair of eyes due to an eye condition called strabismus. Fortunately, this condition doesn’t affect the fluffy kitty’s vision nor pose any harm to his health. In fact, his owner Rachel has revealed that he is “a very active and extremely curious cat.”

“He loves to play with balls, twist ties, and almost any other small object he can get his paws on.”



He used to live at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control until he found his new forever home with Rachel


It’s been almost two years now since Rachel adopted him when he was only one. Now, Rachel is in charge of documenting her fur baby’s funny adventures and mischief for the entire world to see.


Most photos feature closeup shots of his cute, innocent-looking face. Some photos portray him as a dapper gentleman with a cute bowtie. However, there are also photos that reveal his rather naughty side.



Apparently, this adorkable feline loves making troubles and engaging in notorious shenanigans too

Unlike typical cats, this cross-eyed kitten actually loves being around water. As a matter of fact, he loves playing in the shower, especially when the water is running.

“He loves knocking things off of the sink while I’m in the shower. He also loves exploring everything and squeezing inside the smallest corners and crannies he can find.”


Rachel continues to support the shelter where Belarus came from through hosting various fundraising campaigns. In 2019, she was able to raise and donate $4,000 with the help of her furry gray boy.



Belarus The Cat has over 250 thousand followers on Instagram now, and his fanbase continues to grow



Source: Belarus The Cat Facebook | Instagram | YouTube