12 Crazy Ultrasounds That Would Leave Any Parent Shocked

For those who have access to the facilities, undertaking an ultrasound is an extremely exiting thing for parents to be. Of course, the most important thing is to check the health and growth of the baby, but a wonderful bonus is catching a glimpse of your bundle of joy before they are born. However, it’s not always easy to get a good shot where you can actually see something that resembles a baby. In fact, sometimes, what you see is nothing short of spooky! Here we have 12 crazy ultrasounds that would leave any parent shocked, and, anyone in general we think! Take a look!

‘Yeah, the father is Satan…’

This baby looks like it has spiky teeth!

‘I’m coming for you’

‘What you looking at?’

Alien eyes!

We’re not sure which is worse!

Well, this isn’t freaky at all…

What aliens look like before birth…

This is one image we’d rather forget!

That is one creepy skull!

That eye is haunting!

When your womb looks the the ‘Scream’ mask…