A Father And Son Team Created A Set Of Bookshelves That Are Beyond Awesome


Ever gone to the furniture store and not been able to find anything you like for your home? Maybe you have a strong idea in mind of what you want but can't find it anywhere? If so, this post could be just what you're looking for. A father and son duo who love their DIY created this totally awesome set of bookshelves from blonde hardwood and a little know how. The finished piece looks totally amazing in their living room and it's a one off too!

Website: Imgur


cutting panels

Cutting the panels.


cutting shelves

Making the shelves.


pieces ready

All the pieces are ready to be assembled.


gluing clamps

Lots of strong glue is needed next, as well as clamps to hold the wooden pieces in place as they dry.


attaching face panels

Next, the face panels which give the bookshelves their twisted appearance are glued in place.



bookshelf before staining

The fully assembled piece is now ready to be painted with two coats of stain and three coats of sealer.


stained and sealed bookshelves

The finished bookshelves are then left to dry.


twisted bookshelves

These look totally awesome in their living room!

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