Adorable Images Of What Life Is Like When You Have Lots of Dogs

Truly man’s best friend, dogs are the most loving and lovable of animals. Taking care of a pet is a huge commitment and takes time, money and effort. However, the joy you feel from spending time with it is unsurpassable. We’re sure that most of these dog owners started out with just one. But, as any pooch lover will testify, sometimes a solitary canine companion isn’t enough. Take a look at what life is like for people who have more than one dog. We don’t know how some of these guys manage! Feeding and walking time at their homes must be planned with military precision! 


Ever been to a dog wedding?

These guys look pretty tired.

Imagine being greeted by these gorgeous faces when you get home!

What well trained dogs!

Imagine having to bath all these!

Their human just sits on the floor.

Although they’re different breeds, they get on so well!

What’re you looking at?

Small, medium and large!

The one on the left has attitude!

It’s snuggle time!

They’re not ready to wake up yet!

We can guess who wears the pants in this pack.

Feeding time looks like chaos in this house.

Dogs are such entertaining and fun-loving creatures. So, it’s no wonder so many people get the bug to create their own pack! We wonder when the owners of these pets ever get a chance for some ‘me’ time. Surely pooches take up virtually every minute of their days. We can see that many of them even sleep with their humans. If you’ve a home filled with dogs and you just adore it, let us know about your daily routine in the comments. Meanwhile, keep on scrolling for more heartwarming images of what life’s like when you live with a collection of canines!

When they wont sit still for a photo.

How on earth does he find time to walk them all?

These guys look so guilty.

She must be a busy woman!

There are so many of them!

They love sharing a bed together.

Raring to go!

What a difference a visit to the groomers makes!

A whole car full!

How many dogs does one person need?

Odd one out.

Gorgeous canines out doing their thing.

An adorable pair!

Here comes trouble!