The Best Fails Of All Time – Part 2

We know they’re a little bit mean, but we can’t help it… we just love fails here at Awesome Inventions. We hope that people do see it as just a little bit of good natured ribbing, because we’re happy to laugh at ourselves when we do something stupid! Now, there are a lot of fails out there, so you’re spoiled for choice, but we’ve collected what we think are some of the best fails of all time! You might have already checked out the first part of this post, but now it’s time for the second installment! Take a look and prepare to be amused!

Part 1 below:
11 Of The Best Fails Of All Time – Part 1

Important life lesson: Never overextend yourself when it comes to how much you can fit in your mouth.

Silly kitty, that’s not how you drink from the tap.


You might want to invest in a dictionary!

We’re pretty sure that’s not a hippo…

We think the concept of a acrostic is lost on these people, so much for education!



This doesn’t look like a fail, until you learn that the people who ordered the cake wanted a ‘blond girl’ on top, not a ‘blind girl’. Autocorrect strikes again!

Who wants to tell her what that ‘drinking fountain’ really is?

One of the saddest sights ever.

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Part 1 below:
11 Of The Best Fails Of All Time – Part 1