16 Times People Went Way Over The Top With Halloween Decorations And Had The Cops Called On Them

Gone are the days when Halloween decorations were simply composed of cobwebs and pumpkins. Apparently, people are now getting over-the-top with their spooky decors. Besides, Halloween is all about making a terrifying spectacle that could scare spectators out of their wits. When jack-o’-lanterns and skeletons no longer pack a punch at scaring people, that’s when people resort to a more realistic approach of striking fear into other people’s hearts. And what could be more horrifying than bloody murder and gory massacre?

Imagine seeing dead bodies, drenched in blood, scattered all over your neighbor’s yard. That morbid scene alone can make anyone’s blood run cold. Not knowing that they’re just Halloween decorations, first thing that comes to mind is to call the police. Well, let’s be real. What would you do if you see a human figure, wrapped in a body bag, lying on the ground of your neighbor’s porch?


Realistic Halloween Decorations That Went Too Far

people who overdid halloween decorations

The fact that murder can happen anytime in the most unexpected circumstances, people won’t think twice about calling the cops. And we’ve heard several cases where police finds out that the ‘reported’ crime scene just happened to be a fake setup for the sake of fun.

There’s nothing wrong with going all out in festive decors as we usually do during Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with being creative when it comes to Halloween decorations. However, we also need to be sensitive to other people around us. If you make a very realistic cadaver and dump it on your front yard, expect your neighbors and random passersby to react differently to the situation. Naturally, the possibility of a murder immediately comes to mind. You don’t expect them to come knock at your door and applause you for a job well done.

“Woke Up This Morning To 6 Cops, A Fire Truck, And An Ambulance At My Door Because A Passing Car Was Concerned About The One Halloween Decoration I Neglected To Take Down”

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Here are some of the times when people have stepped over the line in creating gory Halloween decorations that looked so realistic, the cops even got called on them. And if you don’t want a visit from the police next Halloween, don’t be like these people. Warning: post contains gory photos.

“Dallas Artist Got The Cops Called On Him Several Times”


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realistic zombie ran over by car


“When Halloween Decorations Go Too Far”

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