An Art Installation In The Forest Looks Like A Giant Chandelier And It Collects Up To 800 Pounds Of Water

The never-ending work of nature moves in a beautiful yet mysterious way. People have tried to capture these movements through still images and recorded footage. But it would be best to witness how a natural phenomenon unfolds right before our very eyes. American artist and sculptor John Grade created an unusual rainwater chandelier to capture the pattern of rain droplets and snow. The piece, Reservoir, looks like a huge fishing net suspended among the trees. But as rainwater falls, it turns into a splendid outdoor chandelier.

rainwater chandelier john grade

This rainwater chandelier has 5,000 clear plastic compartments that can collect droplets as they fall. As rainwater or snow accumulates, each compartment lowers and changes its shape. The Reservoir only weighs 70 pounds but it can hold up to 800 pounds of water. And when it does, the globules appear to hang like crystals from an actual chandelier. However, the net reverts back to its original form as rainwater evaporates.

reservoir rainwater chandelier


reservoir john grade


rainwater chandelier reservoir


reservoir clear plastic compartments


net structure transforms into chandelier


john grade rainwater chandelier


john grade reservoir rainwater chandelier

Grade’s rainwater chandelier was installed among the trees in the Arte Sella Sculpture Park in Borgo Valsugana, Italy. Aside from the rain, the net structure also responds to human movements initiated below it. Grade teamed up with Italian dance artist Andrea Rampazzo to show how man-made movements can manipulate the form and movement of the rainwater chandelier.

“I became most interested in the way rain falls through this grove of trees, the canopy delaying the droplet’s journey to the ground as well as how quiet and sheltered the forest was during a heavy rain,” Grade reveals. “I wanted to make a sculpture that responded to the rain directly as well as a sculpture that responded to people.”

reservoir rainwater chandelier globules


reservoir outdoor chandelier


reservoir compartments chandelier crystals


rainwater chandelier italy


john grade reservoir design

Rainwater chandelier installation at the Arte Sella Sculpture Park in Borgo Valsugana, Italy

rainwater chandelier installation


reservoir installation


reservoir rainwater chandelier installation


reservoir movement dancers


rainwater chandelier hanging crystals
Arte Sella

Man-made movements from below can also manipulate the form of the structure

reservoir responds to dance movements
Arte Sella


reservoir and dancers
Operaestate Festival Veneto

You can check out the artist’s website and Instagram page to see more of his awe-inspiring creations.

Source: John Grade | Instagram | Facebook