Amazing Group Of Elderly Chinese Women Wake Up At 4am Every Day To Feed 1300 Stray Dogs


China often gets bad press when it comes to animal cruelty, but these elderly Chinese women are doing animal rights activists proud. Every morning, the five women rise at 4am to feed 1,300 stray dogs at their shelter in China's central Shaanxi province. The shelter was established in 2009 by 60 year old local woman Wang Yanfang. It relies on donations from the local community to provide the 400kg of food needed per day to feed the stray pooches. One of the ladies admitted the pups sometimes give her a nip or a bite. But that's not enough to put Wang off. She recently told Tencent News, "They're like your children, you can't bear to be apart from them or to lose them." The ladies even ditched the big New Year firework celebration to hang out with the dogs. Check out the images below.









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