This Beautiful Work Of Art Was Created At A Snails Pace


If you look at the painting below, at best it could be a piece of abstract modern art, and at worst it would be the work of young children, but it's neither! In fact, this picture wasn't even painted by humans. Lindsay, of Filth Wizardry, decided to have a little bit of fun with her kids and enlist some snails to help them paint. While her kids carefully collected snails from around their backyard, Lindsay prepared some dyed water. They dipped the bottom of each snail into a different color and let them loose on the paper, where they created this cool painting. For anyone worried about the snails, fear not! They didn't use paint, just natural, non-toxic food colorings diluted in water, so the snails will be just fine! Check out what happened below!

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If you want to have a go at something like this, remember to be very careful and gentle with the snails. Only ever use diluted non-toxic food colorings, never paint, and be sure to only dip the very bottom of them in the dye, not their eyes stalks or heads.

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