13 Top Secret Beauty Hacks You Need In Your Routine


Just when we think we've got the business of looking good down, some new tip or trick always comes to the surface! The beauty world is vast and filled with all sorts of advice, so we've collected 13 of the best hacks around to ensure you have all bases covered! Take a look! We all have our own tips and secrets and we'd love to know yours, so, let us know any awesome beauty tricks you know in the comments below and enjoy!


Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shaved their faces to look picture perfect. Lots of women now swear by this strange beauty trick!


Coconut oil makes a great night time moisturizer and is also perfect for removing makeup.


'Preparation H' works wonders under puffy eyes!


BB cream works wonders when used as a cover-up, even on different areas of the body!


Paint your nails an olive color, as this shade suits everyone and it looks really cool too!



If you don't have time to wash your hair, try sprinkling it with baby powder, it works just as well as a dry shampoo!


If you're out of shaving cream, conditioner works just as well!


To get hair dye off your scalp, use more hair dye rather than using just a wet cloth!


To prevent or clear up acne, ensure you wash your pillowcases on a regular basis.


To create your own DIY matte nail polish, hold your wet nails over some steaming water for a few seconds, easy!


Place a damp cloth over your dry lips for a couple minutes and follow the direction below!


This is a common mistake!


To give your hair more volume, squeeze a towel around sections of your damp hair and squeeze. This toughens up the cuticles and stops your hair from laying flat!

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