Jaw Dropping Reasons That People Cancelled Their Weddings

Getting married is something that many people dream of doing. Finding that special someone to spend the rest of your life with is a wonderful thing. However, sometimes there is a long road between becoming engaged and actually tying the knot. There are many different reasons that can result in people changing their minds. Here we have a list of reasons that people cancelled their weddings. You won’t believe some of them! Take a look!
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People should discuss their views on taking their partner’s name before agreeing to marry to avoid this…

This is another thing people should make their feelings clear on before they get serious in a relationship…

Well, we didn’t see that coming. Betraying your family in this way is horrible. 

Planning a wedding can often make or break a relationship. 

It sounds like this person had a lucky escape. 

We don’t blame this person for cancelling their wedding! 

This sounds like a messy situation. 

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Sometimes the feelings are there but you just know the relationship won’t work. 

He does realize he played a role in his partner becoming pregnant, right?

Differing priorities often end relationships. 

The same goes for prenuptial agreements.

Respect is such an important thing to have in a relationship. 

Sometimes we can’t ignore our gut feelings. 

How could the parents be able to take the kids away? There’s definitely more to this story…