Teach Your Children How To Code The Easy Way With This Easy To Learn Coding Book


Is your little one showing signs of being into technology and computers? Are you looking for a gift for your geeky friend's baby? Perhaps you are into programming yourself and want to share your passion with your kids. No matter the reason for buying, this awesome Programming Languages ABC++ book is a real treat and conversation piece. Another awesome aspect of the book is that for every letter and coding language there will be a 'Hello World' program to go with it! For those not in the know, this program is generally considered to be the most simple one for beginners and simply displays the words… Hello World!


Created by Michael and Martine Dowden, the book is currently on Kickstarter and managed to reach the goal for its publishing funding within 2 days of getting up and running on the site. Take a look at the link below for more details.
Website: Kickstarter


abc programming book



a for ada


j for java

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