These Hand Carved Smoking Pipes Will Blow You Away

Sidrit Vaqari is one very talented guy. He has been sculpting and making pipes for a staggering 18 years! Taking inspiration from awesome movies such as ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord Of The Rings’, Sidrit creates exquisitely finished pieces to a brilliantly high standard. It took him roughly 250 hours alone to create the dragon pipe you’ll see below. Take a look and prepare to be blown away by the incredible detailing, there are plenty of well known and loved characters featured!
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The base of the dragon pipe.

A piece of briar wood that is 50 years old was used.

It is a strong wood that gets even tougher with age.

It was purely knives uses to create this awesome piece.

After around a month of work and 250 hours of effort, the dragon pipe was almost completed.

We think this piece is so damn cool!

Once the dragon was completed, a black arrow was created to put tobacco into the pipe.

Here we present a few others of Sidrit’s designs. Below is Gimli son of Gloin.

Gandalf The White!

An epic Davy Jones!

What awesome detailing on the hair of Gandalf!

Darth Maul! Check out those spikes!


Which is better? We can’t decide!

We would love to own a few of these pipes. Sidrit certainly has a special talent.