Hilarious Tweets By Women That Will Make Your Day Brighter

We have compiled the most hilarious tweets by women that made them win the internet. A perfect combination of Twitter and ladies can brighten up any dull day.  After all, women are natural witty and brilliant. Regardless of the situation they’re in, they always find humor in everything. Check out their blunt and funny thoughts on this list that will give you something to laugh about.



This explains why eyelashes are must-haves for ladies.

I guess Britney wasn’t so scary at all.

The face of regret and making the wrong decision.

There must be no room for mistakes.

Overlooked and underappreciated, yeah that’s totally what it’s like.

I wish we could’ve seen his epic reaction to this.

Who says women can’t make up their minds?

Funny tweets from women


Good for you, rattlesnakes!

Looks more like an Avatar to me.

Naughty is a woman’s nature so deal with it.

Be careful what you say to your daughter.

So this is the real story behind the monthly periods.

Which mirror is telling the truth then?

Free electricity for all!

It’s certainly not that easy to come out of hell.