15 Savage Celebrity Tweets That Are Just Brilliant

Social media has indeed become an effective platform to express one’s feelings and opinions towards almost anything. This, of course, doesn’t exclude celebrities, especially on platforms such as Twitter! A number of celebrities who are active on social media have mastered the art of being savage. So, without further ado, here are some celebrity tweets that prove how witty can they be…

#1 What a lovely birthday message from a lovely wife. 

blakelively / twitter

#2 Now this is what we call parental compassion from the Terminator star himself.

pschwarzenegger / twitter

#3 When the show’s about to start but you’re not yet ready. Better hurry up!

amyschumer / twitter

#4  Aww, look at the dog!  He couldn’t believe it himself.

RobertDowneyJr / twitter

 #5 See, celebrities supporting each other is just so cute to see. Why would we not do the same?

joejonas / twitter

#6 When Adele posts a picture of her like this, it’s like “Hello from the other side.” 

Adele / twitter

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#7 That feeling you get when your friend greets you on your special day and posts a photo of the both you but only a quarter of your face can be seen…

VancityReynolds / twitter

#8 Grandmothers will always be grandmothers. No matter who you are, they’ll still ask you to do the chores.

50cent / twitter

#9 Steve Martin surely knows how to keep it private. I doubt if anyone will ever guess where he could be.

stevemartintogo / twitter

#10 Conan O’Brien just gave us a new way of telling someone we didn’t like the gift we received from them. Way to go!

conanobrien / twitter

#11 Selfie of the year award goes to…

zachbraff / twitter

#12 The face you make when you know somebody’s lying but you still listen to what they’re saying anyway.

rihanna / twitter

#13 Ladies and gentlemen, Anna Kendrick…

AnnaKendrick47 / twitter

#14 Celebrities helping people out in times of need.

DarrelKennedy / twitter

#15 Some would want their loved ones to move on and find happiness, others… 

chrissyteigen / twitter

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