This Could Be The Worlds Coziest Kitchen Ever


With all the simmering and roasting that goes on, kitchens are often one of the warmest rooms of the house, but this kitchen could be the coziest one ever, and it doesn't even have a working oven! This snuggly kitchen has a twist. Everything in it is either covered in, or made out of yarn. That's right, this is a knitted kitchen! The room was created by 50 artists as part of the "Jazz and Jumpers" festival that takes part at Warwick Art Gallery in Queensland, Australia.



The idea behind this unusual art installation was to be a take on the concept of yarn bombing, or guerilla knitting, where people cover objects in a public space, such as trees or sculptures, in a knitted or crocheted cozy. 


Owning a chair like that would actually be awesome.




Even the food is knitted (and adorable).


Now we may not be about to pick up our needles and knit ourselves a kitchen, but this is a cool idea for an art installation and looks extremely cozy.