Flipz Has Released New Pumpkin Spice-Covered Pretzels

If you’ve already begun to start wearing layers, then that can only mean that you’re already feeling the crisp autumnal breeze. The season of warm spiced drinks and all things spooky and creepy has arrived! And if you’re the type who gets into the Halloween spirit by watching all the scary classics, then a bowl of snacks is a must. We’ve got plenty of snack options available, but if you want your snack to match the season, then look no further because Flipz now has Pumpkin Spice-Covered Pretzels!

The brand posted a sneak-peak of their seasonal offering on September 1st on their Facebook page. On the post, you can see the brand’s signature blue foil packaging cleverly obscured by some fall foliage. However, since the product has been spotted in stores by shoppers like Instagram snack reviewer @dadbodsnacks, the cat was already out the bag. But it’s safe to say that the Pumpkin Spice Pretzels is definitely a welcome addition to their lineup, even if it’s just for a while. This pumpkin spice-coated offering joins Flipz’s permanent lineup that consists of Milk Chocolate, White Fudge, Dark Chocolate, Caramel Sea Salt and Birthday Cake flavors.

It’s never too early…?

We have a surprise for you tomorrow ? Do you think you know what it could be?! ?

Posted by Flipz on Tuesday, 1 September 2020




You can now snack on Pumpkin Spice-Covered Pretzels this autumn

On its packaging, we can see that the Pumpkin Spice Pretzels aren’t purely coated with the quintessential autumn sip. In fact, the pretzels themselves appear to be primarily coated with milk chocolate. The pumpkin spice coat comes in delicate yet generous ribbons all over the pretzels. So you can expect some pretty interesting flavors and textures from this seasonal offering. And this unusual combination’s origins may surprise you even more!

Apparently, an innocent comment made by a Flipz fan on Facebook in 2018 may have gotten the ball rolling. The interaction started when a fan wrote, “I got excited y’all had pumpkin spice Flipz. Bummer!”. Flipz responded with a playful, “Maybe one day!”. It may have taken them two years, but it’s finally here.





It appears that numerous local retailers are offering the season-exclusive offering. So you might want to keep an eye out for it when you go pumpkin picking at your local supermarket. Those who’ve already snacked on this season-exclusive pretzel offering are raving about it. Clearly one pack won’t be enough, so grab as many as you can while it’s available!