14 Ways To Transform Basic Ikea Items Into Something Awesome

Although Ikea furniture can be a lifesaver when you need something cheap and functional, it isn’t exactly cutting edge. Let’s tell it like it is; Ikea items can be just a little bit boring. Plus, seemingly everyone buys from there, so it’s hard to make your home look unique and interesting when it’s full of Ikea furnishings. However, you can spice things up a little without having to go out and buy all new furniture. Check out these ideas for transforming old Ikea items into something new and wonderful!

Ikea storage containers can be turned into amazing shelving units.

Or you can use Ikea stools to make this even more unusual shelving.

Repurpose old Ikea rugs into pillow covers.

Make this amazing rope bridge bookshelf.

Use Ikea storage jars to make these neat terrariums.

Combine Ikea pieces to make an awesome standing desk.

Stick thin pieces of wood or laminate to your headboard to make your bed look way more expensive than it really was.

Turn your old Ikea chest of drawers into a sweet beer cooler.

Ikea bags can be turned into kids’ jackets.

This shelving unit can be transformed into an amazing hamster home.

Use a sliding door to turn boring shelving into a cool entertainment unit. 

Triple bunk beds for your cats. Need we say more? cat-bunk-bed-before

Turn a slim bookshelf 90 degrees to make a gorgeous sideboard.

If you’re especially handy, try turning old Ikea bed slats into a simple desk.

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