Hershey’s Opening A New Park Called ‘Chocolatetown’ And It’s Every Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

Attention, chocolate-lovers! Things are about to get sweeter down at Hersheypark! Because next year, the massive chocolate wonderland is adding a new region in the sweet paradise: Chocolatetown. And it’s everything you never knew you’d dream of.

The premier family amusement park currently features over 70 rides, its very own water park, and a zoo. It’s already massive, of course, but the people over at Hershey’s don’t think it’s quite complete yet. The best part about the park’s upcoming addition? It’s going to be all about chocolate.


Visitors can expect three sweet new dining experiences at Chocolatetown.

Chocolatetown render


chocolatetown the chocolatier

Famished families can expect an exciting and delicious experience at The Chocolatier, which offers “innovative fare with hints of chocolate”. The full-service restaurant features “one-of-a-kind views of the neighboring attractions and a secondary patio” which will take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Customers will also be treated to Hersheypark’s signature dessert menu crafted their award-winning Executive Pastry Chef. Another exciting element of this restaurant is that cocktails will be concocted by The Chocolatier’s bartenders from behind a carrousel-themed bar. Talk about getting a whimsical buzz!

Chocolatetown the sweeterie

Meanwhile, sweet-toothed vistors can feast their eyes on the crafting process of Hershey’s treats over at the Sweeterie. Because who can resist watching the creation of a delicious treat? Don’t waste the chance to taste confections created by The Pastry Queen of the World, Chef Cher Harris and her team of expert confectioners! They’ll be doling out over 50 delicious confections for you to choose from, including chocolate-dipped treats, artisinal baked goods, and signature hand-crafted fudge.

Chocolatetown milton ice cream parlor
And finally, Chocolatetown pays tribute to the Hershey’s founder with Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor. Here, visitors can cool down after a fun day at the park with made-to-order sundaes and special shakes. The Expert Ice Creamologists craft custom creations from more than 12-rotating flavors of house-made ice cream. And adding to the 12-rotating ice cream flavors, the parlor also offers an impressive selection of Hershey’s candy toppings, decadent sauces, and (probably) all the add-ons you could possibly want for your cold treat!


The sweetest coaster is coming to Hersheypark.

chocolatetown candymonium

Hersheypark will be opening their “tallest, fastest, and sweetest” coaster yet. Just like the other rides, the Candymonium features the park’s distinctive Hershey’s candy theme. But compared to its predecessors, the park’s 15th ride is a Bollinger & Mabillard hyper coaster that offers a higher, more thrilling experience for everyone!

It sounds like heaven on Earth. For us chocolate-lovers, at least. 2020’s only a few months away, so we recommend that you avail of the park’s 2020 Season Pass, to get a 15% discount on dining and shopping and an exclusive access to Candymonium! See you at the chocolatiest place in the world!