World’s Largest Hershey’s Bar


Satisfy your sweet tooth big style with the World's largest Hershey's bar! Weighing in at a hefty 5 pounds, you'll probably slip into a sugar coma as you try to eat your way through this giant bar of chocolatey goodness! Nom nom!



  1. Mayra Alvarado

    I would probably die if I eat it all!!! Look so good though

  2. Isha Jade-Adams

    trying to kill diabetics are we?

  3. Beatrice Ramona Kristiansen

    How can I get this sent to Norway?

  4. Caitlyn Pease

    i want one

  5. Victoria Lee

    can you spell diabetus

  6. Selena Treloar

    i would die if i ate that!!

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