Harry Potter Quotes Even Muggles Can Use In Everyday Life – Part 1

You might still be smarting from the fact that you never received your ‘Hogwarts’ acceptance letter, but even muggles get to have a bit of fun. We all know that the world of ‘Harry Potter’ is one of the best fictional universes ever created. But, what’s so great is that it’s super relatable to the real world, with the wizards facing the same kinds of problems that the average person face in their day-to-day lives. We’ve come up with fifteen awesome Harry Potter quotes that you can use in daily situations, even if you are a muggle! Take a look!

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When someone suggests visiting ‘The Wizarding World’ of Harry Potter.

When you hate every last one of your matches on ‘Tinder’!

When someone’s annoyed you, and you just want to storm off in a grudge!

When you have to delete ‘Angry Birds’ to make more storage on your phone.

When you can fit into a super small space!

When someone reminds you Jon Snow’s character on ‘Game of Thrones’ is most probably dead.

When your favorite show gets canceled. 

When you go to the cinema and see how expensive tickets are these days.

When you can’t get a reservation at the coolest restaurant in town!

When your simple-minded friend posts a news article on Facebook.

When the WiFi cuts out in the middle of watching a movie on ‘Netflix’.

When you watch an old episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ that has Joffrey in it!

On the rare occasion that you actually venture out at night!

When you’ve spent half an hour searching for your phone and you discover it is at the bottom of your bag, after all!

When you’re correcting someone who has it so wrong!

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