10 Ways You Can Tell Someone’s Lying To You

Let’s face it, very few of us tell the truth all the time, even if it’s just a small lie, like saying you love your friend’s new hair style or telling someone you were late because of traffic, not because you slept in. But, when you’re the one being lied to, it’s not very pleasant. The trouble is, it can be tricky to tell if someone’s lying or being truthful if you have no way to check their story. However, there are signs that people are lying and others have done the research for you! Using Dr. Lillian Glass’ ideas from her book The Body Language of Liars, Business Insider has created a useful infographic showing 10 signs someone is lying to you. So, next time you think you’re being fibbed to, you can look out for the signs!
Website: Business Insider

10 signs someone is lying to you
Business Insider

Of course, this isn’t 100 percent accurate, so if someone’s doing one or two of these things when they talk to you, it doesn’t mean they’re definitely lying. However, it is a useful reference for those times when you think someone’s story sounds a bit fishy!

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