Beautiful Collection of Hand-Painted Glass Mugs and Teapots Look Like Stained Glass Art

For our caffeine-dependent friends, mornings are never complete without a cup of coffee or tea. If you’re one of them, we’re sure that your mug or teapot is among your life’s most valuable possessions. And so, we understand the importance of investing in quality vessels for your morning booster. That’s why we’re bringing you Vitraaze’s wide selection of hand-painted glass mugs and teapots. These wonderfully made glasswares will definitely make your mornings even brighter and more colorful.

Hand-painted Floral Teapot Set by Vitraaze

“Life needs colors,” exclaims the Ukrainian online brand Vitraaze in its page’s brief description. Indeed, the team is famous for their one-of-a-kind mugs and tea sets that are more than pleasing to the eyes. Each piece boasts of carefully crafted and well-thought-of designs. From fancy floral prints, vibrant abstract patterns, to seasonal motifs, it’s impossible not to find the perfect cup for you. All designs come in non-toxic and heat-set paints. As such, all items are dishwasher and microwave safe. However, the brand still recommends gentle handwashing to keep these items in pristine condition.

Hand-painted Colorful Teapot Set by Vitraaze

Meanwhile, Vitraaze’s owner, Vita, has also expressed her desire to create attractive yet functional pieces. At the same time, she also hopes to spread positivity through her works.

“I love the idea that I am not only creating something beautiful but also useful. I hope that my works will be used and loved and bring lots of positive energy and smiles into your lives.”

Hand-painted Sunflower Mug by Vitraaze

In addition to hand-painted coffee mugs and tea sets, the shop also sells wine glasses, vases, and other glass ornaments. Plus, they also offer free personalization for all items. Thus, their pieces are not only perfect for personal use but for gifts, party favors, and souvenirs as well. So, why not gift your family or friends one of these mugs or tea sets to keep them warm this holiday season? We’re certain that they’ll love them as much as we do.

Hand-painted Snowman Mug by Vitraaze

Check out more of Vitraaze’s fancy hand-painted coffee mug and tea set designs.

Hand-painted Rose Teapot Set by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Cherry Blossom Mug by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Celestial Teapot Set by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Cactus Mug by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Peacock Mug by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Hummingbird Teapot Set by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Pumpkin Mug by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Dinosaur Cup and Saucer by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Elephant Mug by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Butterflies and Flowers Teapot by Vitraaze


Hand-painted Beach Teapot by Vitraaze

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