13 Of The Cutest Kids’ Halloween Costumes Ever


For many people, halloween is a time to get their spook on and think about the darker and creepier things in life. But, for kids, halloween doesn’t have to be scary, it can just be fun! That’s why a good percentage of halloween costumes for children are cute or funny rather than spooky. Whether you have a kid and you’re looking for some halloween inspiration or you just like seeing adorable costumes, we’ve got a treat in store for you! So, take a look at thirteen of the cutest kids’ halloween costumes ever, and prepare to say “awwww.”



This little Alice has caught up with the White Rabbit at last!


These babies dressed as Carl and Russell from “Up” might be the best thing ever.


You can’t get much cuter than this tiny Woody and Jessie!


But, wait… maybe Peter Pan and Tink are more adorable. We just can’t decide!


We just can’t get over this little Lilo!


Baby Jack Skellington! OMG… we’re dying of cute here!


A Jasmine and Rajah duo is a great idea for sibling halloween costumes.


Check out this tiny Jane from Disney’s Tarzan.”


This is the most adorable grape we’ve ever seen.


We understand why that tiny dalmatian is unhappy to be standing next to Cruella DeVille.


This tiny Sully from “Monsters Inc.” looks so soft!


This is one of the most creative Alice costumes we’ve ever seen.


And, let’s round things off with this adorable Aladdin.

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