15 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 2


Here we have another 15 awesome beauty tips and tricks to keep you feeling good and looking great! Want to know how to set your nail polish in a hurry and without any expensive sprays? Maybe you want to make your lips look fuller? You’ve come to the right place. If you have any awesome beauty tips of your own that you wish to share then please do so in the comments below.

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Baby powder works just as well as dry shampoo on greasy hair

girl baby powder


Iced water sets nail polish quickly when you’re in a hurry

ice water nail polish setter

Liquid Advil dabbed onto the skin stops spots and pimples in their tracks


This is a fast way to achieve fun and quirky polka dotty nails

polka dot nails

For a sexy tousled look, run straighteners over lightly braided hair

straighteners twisted hair

Mix olive oil with dish soap to make a cheap and cheerful make up brush cleaner

make up brushes cleaner

A clean mascara wand lightly covered in hairspray will keep brows under control

hairspray mascara girl

Sick of split ends? No worries, just twist your hair, see the nasty ends sticking out and snip away!

split ends be gone

 Achieve this ombre nail look with a few shades of polish and a make up sponge

ombre nails

For fuller-looking lips just use the highlighting trick below

fuller lips

Use tape to create awesome one-of-a-kind nail art stickers and seal them with a clear top coat

DIY nail art stickers

Use white or nude liner inside your lower water line to make your eyes pop

nude liner eye

Create an illusion of full, lustrous hair by wearing both a high and a low ponytail at the same time

double ponytail

Forget about conventional under eye “semi circle” concealer application. Applying cover up in a triangular shape works best to disguise those awful under eye circles


Use a clean toothbrush to keep those annoying stray hairs at bay

toothbrush fly away hair

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Here is part 3:
15 Beauty Tips That Make Looking Good Easy – Part 3