17 Genius Space Savers Every Home Needs – Part 2


If your home lacks sufficient storage then you'll love these products that are designed to save space. They all have very simple concepts but their designs totally make sense! You'll find many things available for all different rooms around the house and the great thing about them is that you can buy some of them right here on Awesome inventions!
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Cabinet Door Waste Basket

Cabinet Door Waste Basket

Keep your trash hidden even in a small kitchen.
Find it here: Cabinet Door Waste Basket


Slide-Out Pantry

slide-out pantry

Make great use of a small space.


Tension Pole Clothes Hanger

Tension Pole Clothes Hanger

Dry lots of wet clothes or freshly ironed clothes all on this pole.
Find it here: Tension Pole Clothes Hanger


Storage Headboard

storage headboard

Here's some great hidden storage for your bedtime books and magazines.


Floor to Ceiling Shoe Tree

floor to ceiling shoe tree

A great space saving design if your home lacks sufficient storage.
Find it here: Floor to Ceiling Shoe Tree


Hidden Jewelry Holder

hidden jewelry holder

Keep your jewelry collection hidden and out of the way.


Shower Hook

Shower Hook

Great for shower sponges, travel bags or wash cloths.
Find it here: Shower Hook



Hook-On Balcony Desk

hook-on balcony desk

A great solution for your small outdoor space area.


Pockets Shower Curtain

Pockets Shower Curtain

Keep your bath area clutter free and store all of your products and accessories in these handy pockets.
Find it here: Pockets Shower Curtain


Magnetic Stickers

magnetic stickers

These are great in the bathroom for your grooming essentials.


Washing Machine Pod

Washing Machine Pod

Perfect for when you just want a few items of clothing washed.
Find it here: Washing Machine Pod


Mirror and Ironing Board

mirror and ironing board

When you're not ironing, keep the board folded up and use the mirror function.


Round Shoe Ottoman

Round Shoe Ottoman

We always need extra storage for shoes!
Find it here: Round Shoe Ottoman


Folding Wall-Mounted BBQ

folding wall-mounted bbq

This is awesome!


9 Piece Nesting Bowls

9 Piece Nesting Bowls

Every size could need for baking and cooking. Stack them together neatly for space saving storage.
Find it here: 9 Piece Nesting Bowls


Over the Sink Grippboard

over the sink grippboard

A great space saving design.
Find it here: Over the Sink Grippboard


Fold Flat Grater

fold flat grater

Great for if you have minimal storage.
Find it here: Fold Flat Grater


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