Married Couples That Make You Envy their Relationship

Keep the love in your marriage life alive.  Prioritize the love you have for each other and keep good humor to lighten up your daily lives.  Take each day as if it is your last and make it special. Here are 28 Married Couples That Make You Envy their Relationship.

 I know you love your T-shirt but it has to go.

When we feel like relieving out stress

We stayed in love this way after all these years

My husband always find a way to keep away from the sock issue

It is a nice gesture when a husband shows off his beautiful wife

You make me want to hit you sometimes

Keep me informed when you got company

This is to remind you how happy I was and still am

Making fun of our dinner to keep me smiling

Keep me posted when you are going for a swim

Beware of who you live with

My husband loves it when I give him love notes

I love watching you bare chested and happy

Let’s run our bath together before we do dinner

Darling? Can you do mine too in lusty red?

I love it when you cook our favorite snack

I love it when you try to remember me when you are hungry

We love each other so much it does not matter if you play tricks on me

My wife when she feels at home wherever she is

My husband and I always wanted to go on safari. Me driving, him giving command

I feel the love when I know my wife tried her best

This sock say that my wife always thinks of me even in the most mundane things

You are so beautiful inside and out.  I like showing you off

My wife is focused on her beauty regime. It is best to stay away when she is at it

My wife knows me more than I care to admit. And she knows how coffee goes with my smoking

I’m sorry I can no longer wear your ring. It hurts. Really, I cannot, my finger has gotten to so big that it really hurts.

When your husband tries to help you get over your loss over Kitty.

Keeping you is the best thing that ever happened to hubby and me. Be a good boy and stay.