You Know You’re Rich When Your Yacht Has A Garage For Your Speed Boat


There aren't many people out there who could afford a yacht of this quality, but if you're one of the lucky few that can, we suggest that you go out and buy the "J'ade" from CRN Mega Yachts! This incredibly luxurious vessel was featured at 2014's Monaco Yacht Show, where it was a finalist in the award for interior design. This 60 meter (almost 200 feet) long yacht can sleep 13 crew members and 10 guests, so there's definitely room to host some epic parties! With a top speed of 16 knots, and a cruising speed of 14 knots, the "J'ade" is swift enough to make long, trans-Atlantic trips. It is so fancy that is has its own on board floating garage! Forget holidays, if we owned this yacht we'd probably just live on it full-time. 

Website: CRN


The yacht looks sleek and stunning from the outside.


But it's when you get closer that this vessel really shines. There's even a grand piano in the lounge area!


Of course, if you're out at sea, you'll want to spend time on deck, too.


Check out the marble bar. Stunning!


Even the bathrooms are beyond belief. 


The "J'ade" is also the first ever yacht to have its own floating garage.


This means that the 8-meter speed boat that comes with the yacht can simply be driven in and out, with no need to be lifted.


And when the speed boat's not in place, the garage can be used as an ocean pool.



When you want an ocean view, there are four deck areas to choose from.


One of which has its own pool.


Or you can just sit and lounge in the sun.


There are enough luxurious guest bedrooms to sleep 10, plus extra accommodations for 13 crew members.


What a beauty! 


If you want to see more of the yacht, check out this YouTube video below.



Wow. Just wow. This yacht is way nicer than any home we could ever dream to own. Maybe we'll sign up as crew!

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