These Vintage 1992 Portraits Show Some Of Jim Carrey’s Early Impersonations


Before Jim Carrey became an internationally recognized comedic actor, starring in movies such as Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, he was on a TV show called In Living Color, where he did hilarious impersonations. These recently uncovered portraits show a side of Carrey that probably few of us remember… or were alive for, in some terrifying cases! Depending on your particular vintage, you might not know all of the people he's impersonating here, but you're bound to recognize at least a few. Although they're very much caricatures, they're still disturbingly accurate, and very funny! Let's take a look!


Steve Martin


Jack Nicholson


Elvis Presley


Sammy Davis Jr.




Clint Eastwood



Martin Scorsese




James Dean


Henry Fonda


Sure, it was a simpler time for comedy back in the early 90s, but you can't deny that Jim Carrey's impressions were hilariously accurate!

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