You Can Now Get Giraffes For Your Home That Carry Chandeliers In Their Mouth

Illuminate your home in the classiest way possible with these giraffe chandelier lamps. When it comes to ornamental fixtures, there are only two styles to go for. Either sophisticated or something more whimsical. And it’s always one way or the other. But not until we found these luxurious yet fun decorative light fixtures. Yes, we sorta thought that both styles cannot possibly go together. And we were wrong all along.

These giraffe lamps are sure to impress your finicky, high-class guests. But aside from its elegant design, it features a real-size replica of a young adult giraffe. This quirky element gives it the ‘fun’ factor that you won’t see in other exquisite fixtures. Even your kids will appreciate the quirkiness of this hanging lamp. This unique ornamental light fixture is a collaboration between Italian furniture company Qeeboo and product designer Marcantonio. Aptly named ‘Giraffe in Love’, this glamorous collection includes three different designs to choose from.


Giraffe Chandelier Lamps

giraffe chandelier lamps white

The wall lamp version is a wall-mounted type featuring the giraffe figure with its neck poking out from the wall. It holds a classic Marie-Therese style chandelier in its mouth. So, it appears like the long-necked animal just broke off the hanging light fixture from the ceiling. Designed to illuminate indoor spaces with elegance and magic, it measures 68.12 inches tall, 23.63 inches wide and 48.82 inches deep. It is also available in colors white and black.


Wall Lamp Version

giraffe chandelier lamps


wall mounted ornamental light fixture


wall lamp black version

In addition to the wall lamp, the collection also includes a full body version designed to illuminate both indoor and outdoor spaces. While the wall lamp only features the giraffe figure from its head down to the neck, this one has the real-size replica of the animal with its entire body, from its head down to its hooves. Just like the previous version, the full body design has the giraffe holding a classic Marie-Therese style chandelier in its mouth too. It measures 159.45 inches tall, 37.41 inches wide and 86.62 inches deep.


Full Body Version

full body ornamental hanging lamp


full body indoor light fixture


giraffe chandelier lamps full body version


full body outdoor light fixtures

If the full body version is too large to fit inside your house, and you still want to have a full body design then this XS full body version is the right one for you. This version bears the same design as the full body, but it is smaller in size. It measures 39.38 inches tall, 10.63 inches wide and 23.63 inches deep. Plus, you can choose from 6 different color options – black, white, grey, dusty rose, warm sand and cold sand.


XS Full Body Version

giraffe chandelier lamps xs black


giraffe chandelier lamps xs grey


animal inspired hanging lamp xs white


giraffe chandelier lamps xs full body


giraffe chandelier lamps xs warm sand


animal inspired light fixture dusty rose xs


animal inspired light fixture

Both the wall lamp and the full body versions are made from fiberglass while the XS full body version is made from polyethylene plastic. Of course, these sophisticated lamps don’t come cheap. But if you seriously want to have a decorative light fixture that is like no other, these lavish chandeliers are worth every penny.

giraffe chandelier lamps full body

Get the wall lamp version here, the full body version here and the XS version here.

Source: 1stdibs