Crystal Basketball Hoop Chandelier

Can sports and flair possibly merge together harmoniously? This crystal basketball hoop chandelier just proves that unlikely match can be a match made in heaven. If you’re torn between your sporty side and your sophisticated side, you can let them meet halfway and get something that showcases both of them at the same time. Or if you’re looking for an ideal gift for a couple, let’s say the husband is a huge basketball fan and the wife loves anything fancy. This piece of décor is a surefire way to hit two birds with one stone.

This crystal basketball hoop chandelier features a glossy rim and a sparkling net. The 18-inches diameter full-sized basketball rim is available in 6 lustrous finishes including gold, silver, rose gold, black, white, and orange. So, you can choose the right color to complement your interior color scheme. The hand-woven net is made of iridescent gems with 12 teardrop icicle prisms hanging at the bottom. It hangs approximately 22 inches from the rim and sits 20 inches from the wall. Remember that this is a piece of décor and is not intended to be used as a basketball hoop. So yeah, you could only look at it in awe and you should never shoot a ball into the basket.


Crystal Basketball Hoop Chandelier

crystal basketball hoop chandelier

This crystal basketball hoop chandelier is also available in a smaller version. The mini version has a rim measuring 9 inches in diameter with the glittering net hanging approximately 12 inches from the rim. Both versions don’t come with a backboard. You simply mount the metal bracket onto the wall using screws or nails. But if you want this hoop with an included backboard, you can get the mini version with backboard that you can also personalize. The backboard measures 18 inches x 12 inches and can be customized upon request.



gemstone net and rim hanging decor


gemstone net hanging decor


crystal basketball hoop chandelier full-sized



crystal basketball hoop chandelier mini


gemstone net with orange rim


gemstone net with black rim


crystal basketball hoop chandelier mini version


“Absolutely gorgeous! Even better and bigger than the photos. I cannot sing your praises enough. This was a very well received gift! He wants to start a YouTube or Twitch and is very excited to have this as a statement item in his filming setup. He loves it so much.”


Mini Hoop With Backboard

crystal basketball hoop chandelier with backboard


gemstone net personalized backboard

Source: Etsy