Giant Inflatable Water Trampolines Are All You Need This Summer

People can hardly wait for summer although spring is still halfway through. It’s only a matter of time before people start flocking to the beaches and lakes. Furthermore, pool floats are selling out like hotcakes so you better make sure you get one before summer officially arrives. If you haven’t got one yet, you might as well get something that will make you stand out. Perk up your summer beach party with these giant inflatable water trampolines from Sam’s Club.


A pool float and a trampoline in one amazing product – what more could you ask for? You can lounge on this 10 feet long pool float and simply relax while sipping a glass of cold wine. And if you want some action, you can bounce all you want on the trampoline. Impress the crowd with your crazy trampoline flips before diving into the water. These giant inflatable water trampolines have an ample 6-feet trampoline space to accommodate you and your friend.



giant inflatable water trampolines turtle style

Choose from two different designs – a duck and a turtle, both with vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. Each inflatable bouncer is made of high-quality, durable PVC material that can support a maximum weight capacity of 240 pounds. The flippers serve as boarding platforms which make it easier for you to climb up and down. And it also features an anchor system to keep the bouncer in place.

pool float trampoline sams club


giant inflatable water trampolines sams club


sams club pool float trampoline

You can have these giant inflatable water trampolines for $299.98 each. And don’t forget to observe safety precautions when using it. Before you bounce on it, make sure to do it on a surface with no nearby rocks or decks. Remember, having fun is cool but safety always comes first.

Source: Sam’s Club