10 Gorgeous Images Showing Enchanting Butterfly Crowns That Will Make You Feel Like You Belong In A Fairy Tale

Butterflies are notoriously beautiful, delicate and elegant. The dainty little creatures are a pleasure to look at but fairly hard to catch and hold! Well, now you can have the next best thing in the form of a gorgeous butterfly ‘crown’. Brought to you by Etsy store ‘EtenIren’, every butterfly is cut and hand decorated, meaning each one is unique. The hair accessories are water resistant, hold their color and won’t lose shape easily. Take a look and prepare to fall in love!
Website: Etsy

A beautiful matching butterfly bouquet!

We think this shade is our favorite color…

…so vibrant and eye catching.

The less bold colors mean you can have a more understated, but still beautiful, look.

All of these models could pass for princesses! 

Aren’t the butterflies so realistic? 

Choose the right shade of crown and you hair will contrast magnificently like below!

The hair pieces would be ideal for proms and weddings.

Or, for just pretending you’re in a fairy tale.

A collection of the varying designs together…