13 Charming Leaf Cuttings That Are Wonderfully Unique

Leaves can be a beautiful but often unnoticed thing. They may make a tree look magnificent at times, but once they are shed they are often written off. One person who uses leaves in an interesting way is Kanat Nurtazin. 3 years ago Kanat started a ‘100 methods of drawing’ project and here we present one of his favorite outlets. Kanat starts by drawing onto a leaf and then cuts pieces out with a razor. It must be a tricky and precise practice to master! Take a look and see what you think!
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‘Up’ will forever be one of our favorite movies! This is great!


He’s got the whole world in his hands…

Those squares must have been hard to cut evenly!


The backgrounds make the leaves look extra epic…

Up in the sky where birds belong.

Raise that flag!

A beautiful palace.

This image is our favorite.

We’re glad someone is making use of discarded leaves in an artistic way.


Love has blossomed!