28 Random Acts Of Genius Vandalism

Now, we aren’t by any means trying to encourage vandalism or graffiti. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the genius behind a person’s creation. Of course, there are people that have no respect for their surroundings and create horrid acts of vandalism and graffiti that are simply an eye sore. But, some people out there commit such acts in the hopes of putting a smile on the face of others and improving their communities. Those are the people we can deal with!

Take a look below for some acts of genius vandalism that might give you a totally new outlook on the subject!

The artist here managed to transform a dirty truck into a masterpiece!

We can relate, door. 

Trade your baby for a pet at this amusing changing station! 

No one could call this pipe boring! 

Seal is watching over you. 

The graffiti removal hotline probably didn’t see this one coming… 

We bet lots of people crave ice cream after seeing this. 

Art doesn’t have to be big to be bold! We love this. 

These Bills refuse to be cast aside! 

Sharpie shark… 

Even statues want to feel their best sometimes. 

How you feel when your partner has one too many! 

Creative! We like it! 

Seeing this on a dark evening wouldn’t be fun! 

We really do admire people that can look at something seemingly mundane and see the potential to transform it into something awesome. The people responsible for these genius acts of ‘vandalism’ and graffiti certainly are talented. Hopefully most of these pieces were allowed to stay as they were rather than being removed. Most of the things in these images wouldn’t bother anyone, but rather spread happiness around. We’ve got even more awesome things coming up so keep scrolling! 

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Brilliant! There’s even a ramp ready below! 

Mini King Kong! What incredible detail. 

Whoever did this deserves a high five. 

It really is a tiny forest! 

Beware of the changing table that takes away your baby! 

You never know who’s ready to steal your potato these days.  

Yo-yo master at work. 

The hand dryer makes a good point… 

Some people are just so creative! We love the rainbow theme. 

If only it said ‘Forrest’, this would be perfect! 

Someone found these gnomes an awesome home. 

Some solid advice to be found here… 

UFO abducting a cow! We think the other surrounding poles would look great like this too, each abducting something different. 

Some people can turn anything into greatness!