Hilarious Posts About College That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

Millions of people decide to continue furthering their education by going to college. For some people, they are filled with excitement and prospect about the whole thing. Others, not so much. Either way, there are some universal occurrences and experiences that most students can relate to. Here we have some hilarious posts about college that will make you laugh then cry. Check them out, and if you’re a student, take comfort in the fact you are not alone! 

Hilarious Posts About College That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

The cost of books makes you die a little inside. 

This could not be more accurate!

The teacher who marked this work clearly has a good sense of humor. 

The sad but often true reality students face…

You can learn a lot from group projects…

Not just college! We would re-caption this ‘life in a nutshell’! 

This is probably our favorite image on this list! 

The perks of being poor… you aren’t worried about being robbed.

How to truly ruin someone else’s parade! 

The struggle is real… 

‘You’re a strong, independent student who doesn’t need a teacher’.

Skimming your whole essay to see where you can add adjectives! 

Boom. Job done. 

And, sadly it’s often you who creates the masterpiece and your lazy partner who adds the terrible part!