20 Genius Products You Never Knew You Needed

Just when you thought you’d seen everything, we go and find a whole new collection of awesome products you’ll simply love. Your paycheck certainly won’t last long when you see what amazing gadgets are missing from your life! Take the Time Locking Container for example; it allows you to lock away your treats inside the box which you can’t access until the timer ends. Genius! Nearly all of the must-have gadgets you’ll see below are available to buy right here on Awesome Inventions.

Bag Re-Sealer

bag re-sealer

Find it here: Bag Re-Sealer


Book Holder

book holder

Find it here: Book Holder


Portable Badminton Set

portable badminton set

Find it here: Portable Badminton Set


Spice Carousel

spice carousel

Find it here: Spice Carousel


The Coolest Cooler


Microchip Activated Pet Feeder

microchip activated pet feeder

Find it here: Microchip Activated Pet Feeder


One Trip Grocery Bag Holder

one trip grocery bag holder

Find it here: One Trip Grocery Bag Holder

Broom Groomer

broom groomer

Find it here: Broom Groomer

Scanning Pen

scanning pen

Find it here: Scanning Pen


Neck Tie Pillow

neck tie pillow

Find it here: Neck Tie Pillow


Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wristband

Find it here: Magnetic Wristband


Shower Head with Speaker

shower head with speaker

Find it here: Shower Head with Speaker


Sand Free Beach Bag

sand free beach bag

Find it here: Sand Free Beach Bag



LED Attachment Nozzle

led nozzle attachment

Find it here: LED Attachment Nozzle


Smartphone Thermometer

smartphone thermometer

Find it here: Smartphone Thermometer


Cake Slices Pan

cake slices pan

Find it here: Cake Slices Pan


Razor Pod


Time Locking Container

time locking container

Find it here: Time Locking Container


All-in-One Scissor Tape

all in one scissor tape

Find it here: All-in-One Scissor Tape


Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

bathtub wine glass holder

Find it here: Bathtub Wine Glass Holder