All-In-One Scissor Tape

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Why is it when you find the scissors you can never find the tape? Well now you have can have both to hand with this all-in-one scissor tape! Perfect for when gift wrapping or scrap booking.



  1. Judith Payne


  2. Elizabeth Hernandez

    Why is it a price and changes into another price when you go to order the product

  3. Kody William

    because this site is a scam!. they only link to other sites they don't actually have the product themselves.

  4. Elizabeth Hernandez

    Wow! Thanks for the information

  5. Aubree Dixon

    … What if you lose it? Then you've lost both.

  6. Ashley Nicole Jobin

    i want it now

  7. Susan Wilkinson


  8. Courtney Swaffer

    They don't send to Canada?

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