Genius People Who Are Living In The Future Whilst We Remain In The Past

We’re all ‘behind the times’ in different ways. Some of us aren’t up to date with new technologies, others of us don’t keep up with the latest fashion trends. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, there are ways of making your life easier that you might be willing to give a go! Here we have a list of genius people who are living in the future whilst we remain in the past. There’s some super neat ideas presented here that we’re definitely going to give a try! Take a look!

Genius People Who Are Living In The Future

The wife is always right, right? But this guy tries his luck to prove it wrong.

Don’t waste money on a new hat. Be innovative and work with what you’ve got like this clever man.

This is a brilliant idea! Now you can rest assured your books will stay dry! 

With just a few household items you can create your own DIY phone speakers!

A simple way of getting a lemon kick with your water!

If you can eat a whole box of cereal in one sitting, or are sharing with people, save bowls and pour straight into the box!

A Facebook profile with a difference…

Fry things without the fear of oil spitting at you with this bottle shield!

Just done your make up but then need a shower for some reason? Protect your masterpiece like so…

How adorable is this? And, what a great rain protector!

Riding in style…


A simple solution to the short charger dilemma!

Make sleeping on the subway a little more comfortable with this DIY device!

Your toaster can be used in more ways than you might think!

Life is a game that everyone has to play. In this game of life, some brilliant people emerge as winners while others fail. Playing the game of life can be tough. But if you know how to make your own rules, you can have a great shot at winning. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of creativity and opportunity to become successful in life. Always remember that the key to winning is a creative strategy which you can achieve by basically managing your resources. These brilliant people will show you how to become winners in life.


When you’re too busy at work and you don’t have time to work out, why not do both at the same time?

People can only see as far as their eyes can see.

Riley truly believes that there is beauty in simplicity.

How to make bath time more fun.

Can your regular shoelaces connect your phone to a charger? No? Then replace them with these.

Put those pockets to good use and be a genius like this kid.

This is a great, no mess and no fuss way of eating watermelon!


Clever people using creativity to overcome problems

The future of cheating. We are impressed!

If you can’t find a nice white background for a photo, be resourceful.

You know it’s your lucky day when you order a waffle and they put a mountain of whipping cream on top of it.

“I’ve been told I look like the Unabomber. Didn’t want to believe it.”

A guy kept this vintage Pepsi cola bottle and he was glad he did 35 years later.

The contractor says that the cabinet he built can sustain considerable weight. And went on to prove it himself.

Proving a theorem has never been this weird.

Genius yet unappetizing.

Life hacks are something that the internet is scattered with. Unfortunately, this often means you end up viewing the same things over and over again. However, people do seem to keep on coming up with new and brilliant tips, tricks and ideas that you could really benefit from. Below we have compiled a list of genius life hacks that you hopefully haven’t seen before! Take a look and see what you think!

Genius Life Hacks That You Could Benefit From

Place a stocking over your vacuum end to catch small items such as earrings.

Genius Life Hacks stocking over vaccuum


Seal any bag with this simple tip, keeping your food fresher for longer.


Photocopy the backs of items you need to hang and use the image as a template!

LEGO figurines are perfect for holding charging cables.

Going on a trip? This wine bottle technique can keep your plants hydrated for up to 5 days!

An amusing way of including the photographer in group photos…

This information is so helpful.

If you ever need to feed numerous animal babies at once, here’s a great solution!

A few shower hooks make great wall docks for iPads!

Here’s a simple but durable way of hiding a spare key.

Moving home? Save yourself time, energy and space by wrapping your clothes like this!

Running low on kitchen space? Pull out a draw and cover the space with a chopping board!


To make a sandpit area that kids will love, fill up a tent as shown below. The tent can be closed when not in use to keep animals and critters at bay!

Decorating (and putting away) your Christmas tree can be a pain. Make your life easier by wrapping the whole tree and its decorations like so, then store until next year!

Sometimes in life you face a problem that you’re not properly equipped to handle. Maybe something’s broken and you don’t have the right parts to fix it or perhaps you need to use something that you simply don’t have right at that moment. Now, some people will just give up at this point or call in the professionals if it’s a job that urgently needs doing. And, then there are the “geniuses” out there who will make do with what they have. These may not be the most elegant solutions, but they certainly get the job done! Take a look!

We wonder just how uncomfortable this is…

The hole in the photo on the left was definitely improved. The photo on the right makes us feel very nervous though! 

This one’s pretty good thinking, if it’s functional that is! It might look a little odd but who cares?

We’ve seen a lot of things in our lives, but never have we seen someone with ‘shoes’ like in the photo on the left! The lock on the right photo looks far too easy to break to be honest… 

But, would the pasta on the left taste like coffee? And, how much vibration would even transfer to the tooth brush head on the right? 

Ultimate sun protection and it will cost you next to nothing! Can be easily customized to your face.

When you ask your mom for a charger and she says ‘call for the dog’!

Drills make for good DIY mixers. We wouldn’t recommend using scissors as the mixing part, though. 


In need of a razor handle? Grab a fork! Has a part of your couch strangely gone missing? No problem just grab a chair!

We doubt it lasted very long. The weather would not have been kind to this print out!

We’re going to guess that the brush on the left image is one that has a mirror on the back. Although the clock idea is a good one, couldn’t they just move it?

Making the most of what mother nature provides you on the left! If you ever replicate the idea on the right, make sure you give your iron a good wipe before using it on any clothes! 

Both of these ideas just don’t sit right with us. The pens wouldn’t feel right and the ‘drinks holder’ would cause more stress than it’s worth! 

Simple but effective! 

We would be willing to bet that students were responsible for these! 

The socks on the toilet would get too germ filled for our liking. Is it just us or are those flip flops huge?!

If you’re going to do this, we recommend cleaning the trolley first!