Genius Inventions That Will Make Annoying Tasks Easier

Everyday routine can be mundane. We have no choice but to do these regular boring tasks every single day of our lives. Although modern technology has really come a long way, some of the new inventions are just plain pointless. Fortunately, there are also plenty of genius inventions that can make annoying every day tasks more entertaining. Life won’t be so boring anymore.

Genius inventions list 1-10

An ironing board turning into a mirror when folded up.

ironing board mirror

A cup holder to place your favorite beverage onto while enjoying a relaxing bath.

bathtub glass holder

Here’s a similar one bath tub wine glass holder

We all get bored while doing our business in the toilet room. Creative ideas like this will make a dull moment just a thing of the past.

flat screen tv toilet floor

This invention is perfect for those who hate germs!

sanitary door pull

Estimating a measurement by fingers is the most unreliable measuring method. But not anymore. This finger meter will specify the exact distance between your fingers.

finger meter

This bookmark comes with a finger that points out the precise spot where you stopped reading.

finger-pointing bookmark

Find it here Finger pointing bookmark

This vending machine will make you a fresh pizza in just 2.5 minutes.

pizza vending machine

You can now stick your beauty tools anywhere by using these magnetic holders that you can place anywhere.

magnetic beauty tool holder

Have you ever been frustrated by tangled headphones? We always have. And here’s the solution to our problem!

anti tangle earphones

Here’s a similar one anti tangle zip up earphones

Take the hassle out of cooking eggs!

egg boiler

Genius inventions list 11-20

Save water and money with this toilet sink combo.

toilet built in sink

You won’t have to waste time removing hair strands from your hairbrush with this product.

self cleaning hairbrush

Too lazy to walk down the stairs? You can use the slide to get to the bottom faster. And kids would definitely love this.

staircase slide

Charge your phones with this hot/cold charger.

hot or cold charging station

Here’s a similar one USB mug warmer

Finally, reaching for the last piece of potato chip won’t be bothersome anymore.

chips lifter

People suddenly become environmentalists.

bin basketball ring

This pen captures the color of any object by blending the ink to replicate the color. It can copy over 16 million true colors. How amazing is that?

color copying pen

It would be a total hassle if your high heels get stuck in those grates. Good thing a genius came up with this idea.

heel helpers

Taking a shower while listening to your favorite music, why not? This waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker will make your bathroom livelier.

shower speaker

No one likes it when drips slide down the mug and onto the table. That’s why this anti drip mug was invented. Problem solved.

anti drip cup

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