Genius Inventions That Will Make Annoying Tasks Easier

Everyday routine can be mundane. And we have no choice but to do these regular boring tasks every single day of our lives. Although modern technology has really come a long way, some of the new inventions are just plain pointless. Fortunately, there are also plenty of genius inventions that can make annoying every day tasks more entertaining. Life won’t be so boring anymore. Take a look!

An ironing board turning into a mirror when folded up.

A cup holder to place your favorite beverage onto while enjoying a relaxing bath.

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We all get bored while doing our business in the toilet room. Genius inventions like this will make a dull moment just a thing of the past.

This invention is perfect for those who hate germs!

Estimating a measurement by fingers is the most unreliable measuring method. But not anymore. This finger meter will specify the exact distance between your fingers.

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